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2021 Press Ganey

Guardian of Excellence Award

DUMAS, TX  (November 15, 2021)


Moore County Hospital District (MCHD) today announced it has been named a 2021 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey, the national leader in healthcare consumer and workforce engagement. Press Ganey recognizes MCHD as a top-performing healthcare organization achieving the 95th percentile or above for performance in employee engagement/satisfaction.

The Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award® is a preeminent, competitive achievement for leading healthcare organizations. Presented annually, the award applauds hospitals and health systems that consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients.


“Press Ganey is honored to recognize MCHD as one of the nation’s leaders in employee engagement / satisfaction,” said Patrick T. Ryan, chairman and chief executive officer, Press Ganey. “This award reflects an unwavering commitment to prioritize the wellbeing of the workforce throughout unimaginable challenges. We are humbled by MCHD’s incredible efforts, and their ability to adapt to imperatives of COVID-19 on top of the increasing demand for consumerism in healthcare.”


MCHD prioritizes its employees’ wellbeing with generous benefits and retirement packages, along with perks that include: paid time off and extended illness pay, tuition reimbursement, an employee assistance program, competitive pay, health & wellness benefits, annual merit raises, and more.


In addition, MCHD took steps to safeguard both the health and financial stability of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.  Working with the community early in the pandemic, MCHD found ways to ensure that its employees had access to the personal protection equipment (PPE) they needed when the Moore County community COVID-19 infection rates rose to the highest per capita rate in Texas.


Throughout the pandemic, MCHD made it a priority to retain all of their employees by ensuring they received normal pay at full hours.  Even those who were called off due to orders to temporary halt certain services such as Surgery or Outpatient Services continued to receive a full paycheck.


Mr. Jeff Turner, MCHD CEO, stated “Exceptional Care begins with willing, capable, and compassionate employees.  Investing in our employees is always good and in years like 2020/2021, the benefit to our community is obvious.  Improving our Employees Engagement score from the 95th National Percentile to the 96th National Percentile during a pandemic was, frankly, a surprise, but, it is a reflection of the caring environment that exists between MCHD and our employees.  We love our employees and in return, that love is returned to this institution and, more importantly, to our community.”


Mr. Turner further explained that Press Ganey’s Guardian of Excellence Award® demonstrates a steadfast commitment to fostering a culture that employees value and one that is motivated to take care of the communities it serves.


To learn more about MCHD, visit www.MCHD.net.


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