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Telenursing Services

Telenursing services such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) are used to connect patients and nurses while a patient is in their home.  Nurses call or connect with their patients through user-friendly technology to help manage a patient's chronic condition or to help monitor an active condition and prevent a patient from becoming worse.


These programs are good for patients who have:


Diabetes (CCM/RPM)

Heart Failure (CCM/RPM)

Asthma (CCM/RPM)

High Blood Pressure (CCM/RPM)

Post Hospital Care (RPM)

Medication Changes (RPM)




Both programs are ordered by a physician and are reimbursable by certain health insurance providers.


CCM is reimbursed by Medicare and the Cactus Preferred Network and RPM is reimbursed by most health insurances.



For more information on the Telenursing Program at MCHD, to see if you qualify for the program, or to request telenursing services from MCHD nurses, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator at:

(806) 934-7851