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Swingbed Services

Swingbed services provide additional skilled care to patients who no longer qualify for acute services in the hospital inpatient unit, but need more assistance before they go home on their own.


This program is a bridge between hospitalization and complete recovery.


Some good examples of those who may  benefit from swingbed services include:

  • Those who have had surgery and need either additional monitoring or physical or occupational therapy afterwards
  • Those who need assistance regaining their strength (strength training) after an illness
  • Those needing wound care
  • Those needing IV therapy for medications, fluids, etc
  • Those who need care while arrangements are made for long-term care


Swingbed is ordered by a physician and requires approval for insurance purposes, but many insurances, including Medicare, include swingbed services in their coverage.



For more information on the Swingbed Program at MCHD, to see if you qualify for the program, or to request swingbed services at MCHD, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator at:

(806) 934-7851