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Post-Acute Services

Sometimes being discharged from a hospital stay doesn't mean you are fully recovered from your illness or injury.  In fact, many people discover that they need additional help afterwards to get back to normal.


As such, we offer the following programs and services to Moore County residents who need extra assistance and want to receive care close to home.


If you are currently hospitalized in another town and need additional services after your stay, or if you are currently receiving care in another town and would like to receive this care in Moore County, simply call 806-934-7851 and our Patient Care Coordinator will work to get the services you need as close to home as possible.

Illustration depicting a person in a hospital bed being assisted by a hospital staff





Swingbed services provide additional skilled care to patients who no longer qualify for acute services in the hospital inpatient unit, but need more assistance before they go home on their own.


This program is a bridge between hospitalization and complete recovery.


Some good examples of those who may  benefit from swingbed services include:

  • Those who have had surgery and need either additional monitoring or physical or occupational therapy afterwards
  • Those who need assistance regaining their strength (strength training) after an illness
  • Those needing wound care
  • Those needing IV therapy for medications, fluids, etc.
  • COVID patients who need oxygen management before going home


Swingbed is ordered by a physician and requires approval for insurance purposes, but many insurances, including Medicare, include swingbed services in their coverage.

Illustration depicting a person in a hospital bed being assisted by a hospital staff





Telenursing services such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) are used to connect patients and nurses while a patient is in their home.  Nurses call or connect with their patients through user-friendly technology to help manage a patient's chronic condition or to help monitor an active condition and prevent a patient from becoming worse.


These programs are good for patients who have:


Diabetes (CCM/RPM)

Heart Failure (CCM/RPM)

Asthma (CCM/RPM)

High Blood Pressure (CCM/RPM)

Post Hospital Care (RPM)

Medication Changes (RPM)




Both programs are ordered by a physician and are reimbursable by certain health insurance providers.


CCM is reimbursed by Medicare and the Cactus Preferred Network and RPM is reimbursed by most health insurances.



Illustration depicting a person in a hospital bed being assisted by a hospital staff





Our Physical Therapists treat individuals who have suffered impairments in mobility or function, or illness in their extremities. They develop individualized plans to help their patients perform activities to improve movement in their daily lives and use a wide range of equipment at their disposal to help achieve their patient’s goal.


Physical Therapists are trained in a wide area of specialties including sports medicine, wound care, geriatrics, orthopedics, pediatrics, and more. They work in both inpatient (hospital) and outpatient settings and provide therapy to Home Health patients, Nursing Home residents and to local schools.  They collaborate with both the patients and their support systems/families

to create a plan of care that is realistic and patient-centered.


MCHD Therapists are trained in Document Based Care for the Active Spine Care System and have special training for Functional Capacity Evaluations, Sports Medicine, Neurodevelopmental Treatment, Wound Care, and are Lympedena Certified.


For more information on our therapy services, visit the Moore County Therapy website HERE



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Our Occupational Therapists treat individuals who have lost some ability to perform functions of their everyday life through a physical, mental, or cognitive disorder and focus on treatment that helps to develop, recover, or maintain the patient’s daily living and/or work skills so they can get back to their daily routine.


Occupational Therapy is often confused with the specific treatment of workman’s comp/ vocational/ job training cases and, though Occupational Therapists do help with these lines of treatment, the majority of their work is to identify and eliminate environmental barriers to a patient’s independence and participation in their daily home activities. Occupational Therapists focus on adapting the environment, modifying tasks, teaching skills, and/or educating the patient (and their support system/family) in order to increase their participation and performance of their daily activities, especially those activities that are the most meaningful to the patient.


For an adult, this often means patients being able to taking care of themselves, their homes, enjoying their off-time, and/or successfully returning to their careers. For children, this means often means being able to brush their teeth, being able to play, or use their utensils or even crayons.


For more information on our therapy services, visit the Moore County Therapy website HERE

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Home Health allows patients the comfort and convenience of staying at home while recovering from illness, surgery, injury, or other medically related infirmities.


The staff of Memorial Home Health proudly serve the residents of  the counties of Moore, Hartley, and Sherman in the Texas Panhandle and provide intermittent care 24 hours a day.


Services we are able to perform in the home include:


  •  Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pulse & Blood Pressure Checks
  • Wound Care &Dressing Changes
  • Colostomy & Tracheostomy Care
  • Injections
  • Supervision of oral medication
  • Regular foley catheter care & changes
  • Nursing care for the elderly
  • Obtaining specimens for lab testing
  • Home Health Aide
  • Patient & Family Education


For more information on Memorial Home Health, visit their website HERE

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Moore County Hospital District offers Social Services to its patients to provide a continuum of care long after a patient leaves our campus.  Our Social Workers are skilled and compassionate and provide crucial services to our patients.


Our Social Workers (one in the hospital and one for the District's physician clinics) are part of an interdisciplinary team that works to care for patients, residents, and community members.


Services may include, but are not limited to:


  • Psychosocial assessments, visits, support calls, and enrollment in Medicare D.
  • Referrals to community resources for needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, medication, etc.
  • Assessment and reporting suspected abuse and neglect cases (may also assist other care team   members with reporting)
  • Assisting with discharge planning
  • Newborn adoption coordination
  • Referrals to substance abuse treatment facilities in both in-patient and outpatient settings
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Coordination of spiritual care services
  • Provide teaching on and assistance completing Advance Directives


For more information or te speak with a Social Worker, dial (806) 935-7171 and request either the hospital or clinic social worker.

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The Memorial Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a 47 bed long term care facility that has been providing compassionate, person-centered, around the clock care to residents for over 40 years.


Staff provides personalized, resident-focused care 24 hours a day, and offers activities to provide residents with a challenging setting.


Each resident has different and specific needs, so individualized programs are created to directly answer those needs.


Residents have direct access to wide array of medical and health services including District employed physicians, physical therapists,  social workers, respiratory therapists, imaging specialists, sleep lab professionals, a nutritional staff including a dietitian, housekeeping professionals, and more.


The MNRC facility was renovated to create a resident-centered home with amenities that both residents and their families can enjoy.


MNRC is a Certified Music & Memories Facility.


For more information on Memorial Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, visit their website HERE

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Hospice cares for terminally ill patients and their families during the last few months of the patient’s life. Hospice staff and volunteers help patients and their family and friends to focus on what is most important to them: allowing people to spend time together, share memories, say good-byes, find peace and care for one another.


Services we are able to provide for hospice care include:


  • Skilled nursing visits intermittently in the home as needed to coordinate the patient’s care.
  • Social worker assistance to identify and make referrals to community resources.
  • Spiritual counseling through the pastoral ministry to assist the family as requested.
  • Volunteer supportive services for the patient and    family.
  • Crisis on-call service to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Emotional support to grieving family members for one year after the patient’s death.
  • Patient/family decision making in the plan of care.
  • Inpatient care, prescription drugs, equipment, supplies, respite care, and ancillary personnel.


For more information on Memorial Hospice, visit their website HERE