Exceptional Care.  Always.

History of the District

Memorial Hospital held its dedication ceremony on Sunday, September 6, 1948.  The principal speaker was Dr. James P. Cornette, president of West Texas State College at Canyon, who addressed a crowd of over 200 people. An open house and tour followed which was attended by over 400 people.


The new Moore County hospital was one of the best appointed and finished hospitals in this area, with the latest model fixtures throughout.


- There were 23 beds

- The cost was $375,000 including equipment

- The first administrator was Frank Cheevers, with 12 hospital staff and four doctors

- A nurse’s salary was $125/month, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, and included meals

- A complete operating room, tiled and complete with the latest model operating table, and the latest design in counterbalanced operating lights.

- A complete obstetrics room, with table and variable focus light.

- A neat scrub room between the obstetrics and operating rooms.

- Six semi-private, seven private rooms, and one three bed ward. Furniture in all rooms of modern design by Hill-ROM.

- A nursery with 6 bassinets and the baby incubator (given by Dumas Business and Professional Women).

- An oxygen tent, complete dispensary, emergency treatment room for accident victims.

- A complete stainless steel kitchen; double oven stove, a 75 cu ft refrigerator, ample cabinet & working space, potato peeler, food mixer, and automatic dishwasher. A dining room seating 30 persons, lockers & dressing rooms for staff members.

- A completely equipped waiting room with comfortable wood furniture, laundry chutes.

- The heating plant is in the basement, as is the mechanical unit for the kitchen refrigerator.

- A Private room cost $10/day

The first patient was admitted on Monday, Sept 6, 1948 at 8:10 am.  The first baby born was a girl, born at 7:58 am on Sept. 6, 1948.


The first members of the hospital Board of Directors were:

- W.J. Morton, Jr

- J.C. Barnhart

- Roy Meirs

- Fad. D. Hill

- Roy Clark.


W.J. Morton, Jr was the Chairman of the Board and was the benefactor of MCHD's Morton Scholarship fund, which provides scholarships to students who are pursuing a career in the healthcare field.


The hospital was designed by Guy Carlander  and built by the Wirtz Company, both from Amarillo and was built under the supervision of the Moore County Commissioners Court including Judge Arthur Ullom and Commissioners L.J. Haile, H.L. Hooter, George Bain and W.W. Burnett.


In June of 1969, legislation was passed which allowed Memorial Hospital to expand into a Hospital District, and Moore County Hospital District was born.


The District has grown to employ in excess of 300 employees and now includes expanded product lines such as an attached 56-bed Nursing Home, a Swing Bed Unit, Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies, Home Health, Hospice, a Sleep Lab, multiple Physician's clinics, and more.


It has received technological upgrades to rival the largest hospitals and it performs clinically alongside the best hospitals in the nation.


Moore County Hospital District is proud to be the healthcare provider of choice in Moore County.


Exceptional Care... Always.